Facial Treatments

Woman with Face Cream

Facials are a great way to give your skin a healthy boost. Everyday our skin battles environmental factors like the sun and wind as well as chemical like makeup. No matter your cleansing regimen, your skin will start to get clogged with impurities and can really benefit from the deep cleanse that facial treatments provide.


Facials allow for clean skin to absorb moisture and reduces the rate of aging skin in the long run.


We have a variety of treatments that will cleanse, moisturize and balance your skin.


In this treatment, 56 small needles are used to repeatedly create micro punctures in the skin and as the skin heals, this boosts collagen production leading to a more fuller and radiant appearance.

The procedure helps in skin renewal and is one of the best treatment options for pigmentation, sun damaged skin, acne scars,  and reducing fine lines especially around lips. It is also very effective in reducing puffiness under eyes, treating dark under eye circles and crows feet. 56 nano needles allow for a more delicate approach and is used to treat the sensitive areas around the eyes as well as around the lips. These needles repeatedly create micro punctures in the skin and as the skin heals, this boosts collagen production leading to a more fuller appearance.

For a limited time, this treatment is being offered for $249 for 60 mins which includes a post care kit.

$249 for 60 mins


Fine diamond particles are used to buff and polish the skin to remove the dead skin cells and promote cell renewal and regeneration. It reduces the appearance of brown spots which are often the result of sun damage. It gives tired and fatigued skin a much needed boost as well as reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles

Microdermabrasion is highly recommended for acne prone skin as it helps reduce the recurrence of acne due to clogged pores.

Organic microdermabrasion done with organic products $180.00


Radio Frequency (RF)

Radio frequency waves are used to tighten the skin, stimulate collagen production on a cellular level and creates an overall youthful appearance and increased skin elasticity. There is no down time with this treatment including bruising or redness unlike other invasive procedures.

$75.00 for 30 mins

Chemical Peel

Fruit enzymes are used in combination with cleaners to promote collagen generation and skin cell renewal. Dead skin cells are removed and the skin is given a deep cleanse to allow new fresh glowing skin to take its place. This allows for better moisture retention deep in the skin.

No matter what your cleansing methods at home, the deep cleans penetrates deep into the pores and gives you a deep cleanse. 

The treatment includes:

  • Deep facial cleanse

  • Facial massage,

  • Deep tissue moisturizing treatment

  • Post treatment recovery care.

Organic chemical peel done with organic products $180.00

$ 119.99

Organic Facial

Using only organic products, your skin is cleansed and treated to eliminate dirt and impurities while allowing for the renewal of healthy skin. Healthy skin has a better ability to retain moisture hence slowing down the aging of skin.

The treatment includes:

  • Facial Cleansing

  • A renewal mask

  • Serum moisture surge therapy


Regular Lifting and Rejuventaion Facial

Facial for cleansing and rejuvenation of skin cells using high end facial products. This facial stimulates the renewal of skin cells and leaves the skin with a healthy glow.


Express Facial

This is for the busy woman on the go who deserves to treat herself!

Drop in for a quick facial that includes a deep facial cleanse, serum therapy and moisturizing treatment all done in the time while waiting to pick the kids up from school or perhaps on your way while waiting for traffic to die down.


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