Body Treatments

Skin Care

We do all we can for our bodies both inside and out. When we look good, we feel good and that feeling of positivity resonates all around us.


At Lily Medical Spa we address health and beauty treatments as well as chronic pain and stress issues that we aim to treat with Reiki Energy Healing as well as modern Ultrasound methods.

Whether it is fitting into that dress for a party or an annoying neck pain we can help with both.

Body Wrap

Is that dress too tight? Big event coming up soon? Try our body wrap that is guaranteed to take 6 inches off your body in the first wrap itself!


This innovative body wrap uses natural sea clay to detoxify your body, tighten and firm skin and lose inches. The effects will last at least a month with a healthy maintenance diet.

You will be wrapped in bandages with the mineral solution and will then wear a body suit to allow for the minerals to work their magic. The mineral solution not only makes you lose the weight and firms your skin, it is incredibly moisturizing and will leave your skin feeling very soft.


The procedure takes about 2 hours to do but the results can be seen for several days later.The full course of the treatment is 3 sessions that can be done with a week apart which results in about a 25 inch loss which is around a whole dress size!


Radio Frequency for Body Contoring

Radio frequency waves are used to target problem areas to tighten and tone tummy, thighs and arms.  There is a noticeable size difference and tighter skin is visible dependent on the size and location.

$120.00 for 30 mins for any body part

Fat Cell Reduction with Ultrasound

Using high frequency sound waves, fat cells are blasted leaving a more defined contour. Each session lasts up to 30 minutes.


Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is the practice of balancing the energy or life source within you to help the body and mind to function at an optimal level. Many aches and pains can be eliminated with the use of reiki. Since it has no side effects it can be done on anyone regardless of age.

Reiki practitioners channel positive healing energy through themselves and transfer the energy to create harmony within the body.  This results in elimination of pain, illnesses and other ailments of the mind and body in addition to an improved sense of wellness.

Each session is 30 minutes


Pain Therapy with Ultrasound

Manage chronic pain in soft tissue with advanced ultrasound therapy. This is ideal for athletic injuries or just a pulled muscle in your back. The session is up to a maximum of 30 minutes and can help ease muscle tensions, spams and other soft tissue related pain.


Chemical Peel for Hands

Our hands are exposed to the elements everyday- cleaning products,  harsh sun's rays and Gentle products are use to exfoliate the skin to remove dead skin cell build up to reveal beautiful hands. Hands are then treated with a deep moisturizing treatment.


Hand Paraffin Treatment

This treatment returns softness to your hands and treats dry skin. Hands are soaked in special combination warm paraffin and then allowed to cool allowing the skin to heal while delivering important nutrients to the surface.


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