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We are a small home based business catering to women who want to look and feel their best!

Located in Westview, North Vancouver; we offer a variety of advanced beauty and spa treatments. Lily Medical Spa is under the direct management of Ana Nafar, who has over two decades of experience in aesthetics and skin care. Ana has a bright personality as well as a passion for helping others with their skin and health needs. Additionally Ana is a certified and she has also practiced as an Assistant Dermatologist in a medical capacity.


We are licensed and insured, and we only use the highest quality skin care products available on the market. Due to being a smaller home based spa we are able to offer all these services at a much lower rate than bigger spas allowing you better access to feel good treatments.


Please call for an appointment today, we would love to see you!


What some of our clients have to say about us....

"I was a bit skeptical at first but the body wrap really worked and I have lost a couple inches already"

"Inexpensive but delivers the same results as the big spas"

"The chemical peeling has almost erased the acne scars on my skin"

And you can share yours too!


Before & After Pictures


Chemical peeling procedure can be used for a variety of reasons, including skin lifting, regeneration of skin cells, cleansing and brightening. In this instance, the difference is clear in both the texture and tone of skin as it is brighter and smoother after the chemical peeling.


After 3 sessions of acne treatment, the results are clear. Using products to restore the balance of skin and cleanse away impurities that can lead to breakouts.